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  • Brush-Faux-Shodow

    Black Faux Shadow

    this perfect thumbnail shape brush is used for applying all eye shadow products to the entire eye lid.

  • Brush-Cleaner

    Brush Cleaner

    Regularly cleansing makeup brushes provides the smoothest makeup application all year round. This alcohol-free spray-on brush cleaner gently and quickly removes makeup residue with a mild...

  • Brush-Brow-Brush

    Dual Brow Groomer

    Brush those out of control brows into shade any time of the day or night. Also fantastic to be used with brow gel to hold all hairs in shape.

  • Brush-Orange-Showdal

    Dual Shadow & Angle Liner

    The thumbnail end of the brush is Designed for precise, easy application right into the crease of the eyelid. The angle of the brush is perfect for shading and filling those perfect looki...

  • Brush-Flawless-Face

    Flawless Face

    This Brush is fantastic for applying blush or bronzer on the apples of the cheeks or jaw line. A must have brush in your tool kit.

  • Brush-Handi

    Handi Flat Top

    This multipurpose handmade brush helps you to apply foundation, blush, Bronzer. It spreads the product evenly on face without leading to any imperfections. Very light in weight, the brush...

  • makeupbag

    Makeup Bag

    Fill your make up bag with all your favourite Lust Have Mineral Products

    .. ahh Bliss!

  • Brush-Total-Coverage

    Total Coverage Face

    This brush is very dense, so won’t streak when applying liquid. Perfect for applying Liquid Mineral Foundation or creamy textured products with flawless, full coverage. The perfect tool...

  • Brush-Kabuki

    Vegan Kabuki

    Our kabuki brush is used to apply loose powdered make-up on large surfaces of the face (e.g., foundation, face powder, blush). Because of its design, the brush blends powdered make up eve...