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  • newbb08

    BB Beauty Balm Cream

    This is the latest craze- and with good reason! Lusts Beauty Balm BB Cream is an all round product- moisturizer and foundation Our BB Cream contains Vitamins E,A B3, B5 , Hyaluronate and ...

  • Brush-Faux-Shodow

    Black Faux Shadow

    this perfect thumbnail shape brush is used for applying all eye shadow products to the entire eye lid.

  • Berry_Blonde_Treatment

    Blonde Treatment

    The EverEscents Organic Berry Blonde Treatment is an intensive treatment designed for Blonde & Grey hair to reconstruct, nourish, tone & restore hair structure. With the added ben...

    From: $26.90
  • Blush-13

    Blush Powder

    Lusts Blushes are widely used to accentuate our cheek bones and define our face shade in a soft natural way. Our blush powders are a sheer silky formula that’s easily blended and long w...

  • Brow-Dust-01

    Brow Dust

    Lust minerals has created this stunning Brow Dust to define that must have brow. You can simply use our dust wet or dry depending on your desired look. Control those curly brows with our ...

  • Brow-Gel

    Brow Gel

    Control those curly brows with our beautiful mineral brow gel, keep those brows in shape all day long!

    apply the brow gel first (best not to over use this) then follow with the des...

  • Brush-Cleaner

    Brush Cleaner

    Regularly cleansing makeup brushes provides the smoothest makeup application all year round. This alcohol-free spray-on brush cleaner gently and quickly removes makeup residue with a mild...

  • Chubby-Eyeliner-Black

    Chubbi Eye Liner

    Accentuate your eyes with our mineral eyeliner – Lusts mineral eye pencils are all Natural and Vegan. A soft creamy textured liner enriched with jojoba oil and Vitamin E that is long la...

  • CLS-06b

    Chubbi Lip Stick

    Our beautiful, creamy and long lasting lip liner is completely Natural, Vegan and Toxic Free. This soft creamy textured liner is also enriched with jojoba oil and Vitamin E to protect and...

  • Conditioning_Detangler

    Conditioning Detangler

    The EverEscents Conditioning Detangler is designed to tame knotty hair by adding a generous blend of 12 certified Organic natural ingredients to gently allow detangling and conditioning o...

  • Deep_Treatment

    Deep Treatment

    The EverEscents Organic Deep Treatment is an intensive treatment used to reconstruct, nourish & restore hair structure. With the added benefits of Certified Organic herbal extracts an...

    From: $26.90
  • Brush-Brow-Brush

    Dual Brow Groomer

    Brush those out of control brows into shade any time of the day or night. Also fantastic to be used with brow gel to hold all hairs in shape.

  • Brush-Orange-Showdal

    Dual Shadow & Angle Liner

    The thumbnail end of the brush is Designed for precise, easy application right into the crease of the eyelid. The angle of the brush is perfect for shading and filling those perfect looki...

  • Shodow-10i

    Eye Shadow

    Lusts Eye shadows have such intense pigments making them bolder and more striking. Yes, that’s right Lusts shadows have NO silicone oils, NO FD&C dyes, NO petroleum derived oils, NO...

  • Brush-Flawless-Face

    Flawless Face

    This Brush is fantastic for applying blush or bronzer on the apples of the cheeks or jaw line. A must have brush in your tool kit.

  • hair-spray-mist

    Hair Spray Mist

    A natural hairspray lacquer that provides strong hold and a natural gloss finish without any aerosols. It is water-resistant, strong, durable and packaged in an easy to use trigger spray ...

    From: $15.90
  • Brush-Handi

    Handi Flat Top

    This multipurpose handmade brush helps you to apply foundation, blush, Bronzer. It spreads the product evenly on face without leading to any imperfections. Very light in weight, the brush...

  • heat-protector

    Heat Protector

    A lightweight heat protector cream designed to be applied before heat styling to protect the hair against heat damage. This versatile product is also great as a finshing product to reduce...